Indianapolis Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton is expecting to return from the injured reserve list soon, but the journey to this point wasn’t always optimistic.

Hilton admitted he contemplated retirement after suffering a neck injury during the preseason. The veteran wide receiver sought counsel in his best friend and someone who has dealt with that mindset—former Colts quarterback Andrew Luck.

Hilton joked that talking to Luck about retirement probably wasn’t the brightest idea but told the media Thursday that Luck advised him not to make any rash decisions about retirement.

“The first two days when I got home, I almost hung it up. I can’t even lie,” Hilton said Thursday. “I talked to Andrew [Luck] and that was probably the wrong thing to do.”

As soon as Hilton said that line, the media room erupted in laughter. Seeking retirement advice from Luck, who shockingly called it a career at the age of 28 back in 2018, should probably be the one topic to stay away from.