We've been playing the waiting game for pretty much the entire day waiting to find out what is wrong with Dwayne Allen who missed practice yesterday with a "sore foot" as Chuck Pagano described it a day ago. Well prepare to wait a little longer - but this time we have a bit more info. After practice this afternoon Pagano addressed the media and of course the first thing he covered was Dwayne Allen. Makes sense too considering he's a great player with a lot of question marks around him. Pagano didn't tell us much but what he did say wasn't encouraging. Pagano basically told us that Allen went for a second opinion and that they are waiting to find out the results. But really you don't go back to get a second opinion unless the first one was really bad. What you're gonna say "oh I can play Sunday? I better go get a second opinion!" No. Pagano refused to speculate on what the extent of the injury is but in my opinion he didn't sound super optimistic.