If a timeshare is in Jonathan Taylor’s future -- and his Indianapolis Colts coaches insist it is -- it will be familiar territory for the man with 6,174 career college rushing yards. 

Believe or not, the two-time Doak Walker Award winner insisted Tuesday, he shared the backfield at Wisconsin, too.

“If you look at it, there were times where we had Garrett Groshek in for an entire drive,” Taylor told members of the media in a Zoom video call. "We had times where we’ve had Nakia Watson in for an entire drive. Then there were some times where … I and Groshek are running at the same time. So it’s not anything new to me.”

While at first it seems like madness to look at Taylor’s 926 college carries over a three-year span and think he was anything but a workhorse back, that’s not entirely true.