The trending question from Wednesday’s Indianapolis Colts locker room was expected in the wake of the NBA’s Jason Collins becoming the first male athlete from a major sport to reveal he is gay. What would the Colts think about having a gay teammate? Several Colts said they wouldn’t be bothered by it. Not one among a dozen asked expressed concern. “I think it’s a generational thing,” said punter Pat McAfee. “Our locker room, a younger generation, is very much more accepting because we’ve been around more gay people. “In the recent years, gay folks have been much more open. A lot of us have gay friends and we kind of understand that they’re just like us, they’re just interested in different things.” Wide receiver Reggie Wayne said he supports Collins and would do so with a teammate. “I don’t know him per se, but if that was to happen on our team, I would definitely support him as a person first,” Wayne said. “I would definitely have his back and at the same time support him as a teammate.