Flashes. That's one of the ways you can describe receiver Donte Moncrief's four seasons with Indianapolis Colts. There was the playoff game during Moncrief's rookie season in 2014 where he beat two Cincinnati Bengals defenders for a 36-yard touchdown reception while quarterback Andrew Luck had a defender tugging at his leg. Then there was the back shoulder touchdown catch against the Green Bay Packers in Week 9 last season. Moncrief had another one of those against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4 this year. But flashes don't get you paid. Consistency gets you paid and makes a team want to keep you. But Moncrief had too many flashes without the consistency for someone in the final year of a rookie contract. "[This is my] No. 1 option," Moncrief said. "This is home. Love this place, the coaches, the players, the organization." While Moncrief, who has always had the tools to be the team's best all-around receiver, may want to return next season, that sentiment may not be the shared inside the organization.