It’s the overriding acronym as the NFL Draft looms: BPA. Best Player Available. Should a general manager use his coveted first-round pick, or subsequent selections for that matter, to address a glaring positional need? Best player available. What if the BPA is at a position already stocked with talent? Best player available. The Indianapolis Colts, who hold seven picks in the April 27-29 draft including the 15th overall, have spent the offseason addressing what has been an eyesore of a defense. Of the 11 veteran free agents signed, seven are defensive talent. Will that impact how the Colts attack the draft? Might they shift course and provide Andrew Luck with a new toy? Best player available. Listen to Chris Ballard, who’s on the verge of overseeing his first draft as the Colts’ first-year general manager. “I think teams make big mistakes in the draft and Lord knows I haven’t been perfect on the teams I’ve been on,’’ he said Wednesday. “We all make mistakes.