There was intermittent laughter, an unquestioned level of optimism and unbridled enthusiasm as Andrew Luck embarked on – brace yourself – year 8.

It’s amazing the difference 12 months can make with anyone, let alone the face and foundation of the Indianapolis Colts.

Last year at this time, Luck still was in the early stages of Rehab 2.0 following surgery on his right shoulder. As the Colts convened for the start of their offseason program, their leader wasn’t even throwing a football.

In that regard, nothing has changed.

“I haven’t thrown at all,’’ Luck revealed Monday afternoon as the Colts again opened preparations for the upcoming season with their offseason program.

That constituted non-breaking news.

This time, it’s been Luck’s decision to exclude throwing from the initial phase of his offseason regimen. For now.