Much has been made during the exhibition season of Spencer Hawes' move from center to power forward, and rightly so. Though Sixers head coach Doug Collins says the center and power forward positions are virtually the same in his system, Hawes will find himself guarding quicker players at the four-spot. Nevertheless, the biggest switch in Collins' lineup is the one that has Evan Turner playing the three spot instead of the two. At small forward, Collins wants to get Turner "unlocked." "Another thing for Evan is, I said, 'When you're not a balls-out shooter and all of a sudden J-Rich (Jason Richardson) is on your team and Dorell Wright and Nick Young and all these guys, I don't want him to think that's what I'm looking for with him," Collins explained. "It's funny. You guys know I'm a karma guy or whatever, and I told him the other day, 'I've never taken a guy out for missing shots, nor will I ever. I just don't do that.' I want him to concentrate on all those great things he brings to our team, focus on his role and what he does for us. "Again, it's all the little dynamics we're trying to put together."