Give them credit: The Indianapolis Colts are one loss from history. Nine times this season they’ve taken a lead into halftime, a remarkable feat considering how bad this football team is. And seven times they’ve blown it, lost that lead and lost the ballgame. That’s one blown lead away from tying the NFL record. In the interest of complete accuracy, the crumbling usually arrives in the final quarter. Five times this year the Colts lost a fourth-quarter lead. “A self-fulfilling prophecy,” coach Chuck Pagano called it earlier in the year. He’s right. Losing hasn’t just been the Colts calling card in 2017. It’s how they’ve lost – by fumbling and fading and falling apart down the stretch, week after week after miserable week. Thursday's collapse didn't come in the fourth quarter, but it came nonetheless. The Colts were outscored 18-3 after halftime and fell 25-13 to the Broncos Thursday night at Lucas Oil Stadium. A game that offered glimmers of hope early faded completely by the end; so scant were the fans left inside Lucas Oil Stadium it had the feel of a preseason game.