When Baker Mayfield finally got traded from the Cleveland Browns, he had a major chip on his shoulder to show his former team that they made a mistake by choosing Deshaun Watson over him. He also had the chance to start fresh somewhere else since most Browns fans had grown tired of him.

Well, the Baker Mayfield honeymoon in Carolina is over before it ever got started. He may not be fazed by it, but he has already been booed by panthers fans on several occasions for his terrible play on the field.

When speaking to reporters on Sunday, where Carolina fell to Arizona, 26-16, the 27-year-old quarterback said he and his team will “be just fine” after the Panthers were mercilessly booed in the fourth quarter.

“Obviously I’m frustrated with the fact that we’re 1-3, that’s it though,” Mayfield said. “We’re going to come together as a locker room… I don’t really care about the fact that our fans are booing or what’s going on.

“We’re going to figure it out and when we win, it’ll still be just us in the locker room and that’s really all I care about,” he continued. “We’re going to be just fine.”