Tulane has offered a preferred walk-on spot to a legally blind long snapper from the Boston area. Aaron Golub, from Newton (Mass.) South, has been blind since birth. He has no vision in his left eye but can see some out of his right eye. "For reference, close one eye and then make a fist with a hole (the) size of a dime and put the opening to your eye. That is Aaron's continuous view," his private coach, Chris Rubio, wrote. Golub was his high school's long snapper for two seasons, and Newton South coach Ted Dalicandro told Boston TV station WBZ that, "I think we've had one bad snap in the two years he's snapped for us." Rubio said Golub has come a long way in a relatively short time. "The first camp for Aaron was not the finest showing I have ever seen from a first-timer. OK, I am being nice: He was bad, real bad," Rubio wrote. In a statement to collegefootballtalk.com, Tulane coach Curtis Johnson said, "Aaron is a tremendous young man who has not let adversity overcome his desire to fulfill his dreams of playing college football, and we look forward to having him as a part of our football program this fall."