Cole Beasley’s online antics may have an ulterior motive, one NFL analyst is suggesting.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver has been stirring drama online with his vocal opposition to the COVID-19 vaccine, drawing nationwide pushback and even irking some of his Bills teammates. One pundit is now suggesting that Beasley may be using the drama as a means to earn his release from Buffalo.

Beasley has made it clear that he does not want to get the COVID-19 vaccine, and has regularly engaged in spats with people on social media who have suggested that he is putting his team at risk by avoiding it. Though Beasley has mused about stepping away from social media and keeping his thoughts to himself, he has returned numerous times and earned some often harsh criticism.

Mike Florio of NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk suggests that Beasley may be trying to “goad the Bills into cutting him.” Florio pointed out that Bills head coach Sean McDermott admitted to talking to Beasley about his Twitter statements, but the All-Pro wide receiver still hasn’t backed off. Florio questioned whether Beasley may want to join another team, or possibly hold himself up as a martyr who was punished for standing up for his beliefs.