Why not use one of those skills contests they do at the NFL scouting combine to break a tie? Or have each team designate a player for a speed round of rock, paper, scissors? Ooh, I know! Force offensive and defensive players to switch sides and see who can score.

Silly as all of these ideas are, the NFL’s current overtime format isn't a whole lot better. About as fair, too.

For a second consecutive season, a team with legitimate Super Bowl aspirations is going home because of a coin flip. If Patrick Mahomes not being able to get his hands on the ball in overtime of last year’s AFC title game wasn’t enough to convince owners that the format needs to be changed, maybe seeing an aging Drew Brees rendered helpless will.

Games as riveting and rollicking as the Vikings-Saints contest on Sunday, or the Patriots-Chiefs matchup a year ago, should never be decided by what is essentially a crapshoot. The league’s best players shouldn’t be spectators when the game is on the line because of a half-baked rule.