Quick show of hands. How many of you questioned the decision to move Chris Coghlan to center field? Be honest. I'll even put my hand up first. Now, after watching him play out there for a couple of weeks, what's your opinion? Coghlan added another spectacular catch to his highlight reel last night in Atlanta when, with the bases loaded and the score tied, he went airborne to rob Brooks Conrad in the sixth inning. That's at least four exceptional catches that I can think of, and we're only 12 games into the season. "I knew that he would be a good center fielder," said manager Edwin Rodriguez. "But, right now, I've been surprised with all the plays he's been making out there. I had confidence in him -- we had confidence in him -- that he would be able to handle the new position. But he's been taking that to the next level." Said Coghlan: "i've been fortunate so far. There's been plays at critical times that the ball's come to me. I feel good out there and I still have ways to improve."