There's something unjust about a nimble, highly-skilled giant like Jahlil Okafor going to work at the high school level. As Okafor's Whitney Young team wrapped up a conference championship with a 70-45 demolishing of North Lawndale Monday night, the 6'11, 275-pound behemoth displayed the full package of offensive gifts that has made him the consensus No. 1 player in the country. Okafor seemed to have at least four inches and 60 lbs. on whoever was guarding him the entire night, and he never saw just one defender. North Lawndale routinely collapsed three players on him whenever he touched the ball, a sight Okafor has become all too familiar with during his high school career. It rarely mattered. Using the graceful footwork of a man half his size and raw power unseen in a high school gym, Okafor had his way with the opposition. It's what usually happens. There was a baseline fadeway he hit from the right side in the second quarter. There was an up-and-under scoop he made after pivoting with multiple defenders draped over him. There were one-handed dunks in the halfcourt and two-handed flushes in transition. When Okafor got the ball in deep position, it was over. A lesson that North Lawndale had to learn the hard way, but one that just seemed cruel and unnecessary. Okafor announced before the season that he will attend Duke in the fall. He's the next in a long line of Chicago All-Americans who chose to spend their college years (or year) with Coach K in Durham, joining the likes of Jon Scheyer, Sean Dockery and Corey Maggette. It's the same choice Jabari Parker made a year earlier. Since then, Parker has gone from a four-time state champion at south side Simeon Career Academy to one of the biggest stars in college basketball. Okafor and Parker have described themselves as brothers. Their relationship has been building since before the two even selected where they were going to play in high school, let alone college. It has led to national speculation that Parker, a likely top three pick in the loaded 2014 NBA Draft, could return to Duke for his sophomore season to play with his good friend. Unsurprisingly, it's a move neither player is thinking about right now. Parker and the Blue Devils are focused on conference play in the ACC, while Okafor is looking for his first state championship. His Dolphins were knocked out of the state playoffs last season by Parker and Simeon.