Five seconds into the second half, Chris Paul picked up a steal and Matt Barnes finished when Paul missed a reverse layup. Less than a minute into the third period, the Clippers had run off six points to hike their lead to 39 points and then, finally, there were some boos for the Lakers at Staples Center. There might not have been enough fans left by the end to release their frustration after the Clippers scored a 142-94 thrashing that was about as lopsided as any NBA game could be. “We took a body blow and it looked like it just took us to our knees,” Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said. “For whatever reason, maybe we couldn’t finish and make plays or anything. They smelled blood in the water and they killed us.” It was the Clippers’ largest winning margin in their history at 48 points, eclipsing the previous mark of 45. The Lakers equaled the worst loss in their history. Maybe the Clippers’ 60-20 run to close the first half was still being digested by Lakers fans who watched their team being dismantled on its own court. It started with what brings a smile to Clippers coach Doc Rivers — defense. They held the Lakers to 39.5 percent shooting, stopped their 3-point shooting and forced 22 turnovers. “You can feel us starting to believe in our defense and being in the right spots,” Rivers said. “What I like now is every time one of them is not there, they point at themselves right away, they know it. I would prefer them not to do that and be there, but they’re getting there and they’re taking ownership when they’re not. “If we can get four stops, five stops, six in a row, there’s a chance we’re going to get a couple of fast breaks in that stretch and that’s what we’re keying it on.”