After hitting the deck hard following an attempted rebound/put-back, Redick writhed in evident pain before getting up and attempting to exchange a handshake with DeMarcus Cousins, who'd knocked him to the ground. (Boogie didn't oblige, because, apparently, Boogie doesn't play that.) Redick stayed in the game and missed his next 3-point attempt before checking out with 4:47 remaining in the first half; he would not return, finishing with 13 points and two assists in the Clippers' 104-98 overtime win over the Kings at Sleep Train Arena. The Clippers announced Sunday that Redick is expected to miss six to eight weeks recuperating from the injury; we may get a clearer timeline after Redick sees a hand specialist on Monday. Redick sounded a hopeful note after Sunday's announcement, according to's Eric Patten: Redick said he’s maintained a level of optimism regarding his injury. For one, he knows what the rehabilitation entails. He’s broken his right wrist three previous times, including once as a 22-year-old at Duke. Plus, because it’s an upper body injury, he can maintain a level of cardiovascular fitness. “When most guy’s legs are going to be tailing off towards the end of January, I’ll have fresh legs,” Redick said. “And then a couple of the coaches said it, it will be like we traded for somebody right before the All-Star break. I’m hoping I have five more months of basketball to play this season.” While the Clippers are fairly well positioned to handle an injury at the two thanks to the presence of electric reserve Jamal Crawford and veteran backup Willie Green, the loss of Redick figures to have major repercussions on the Clippers' lineups and rotations.