It's pretty simple to see on a regular basis. The Clippers aren't bogged down by drama, personality conflicts and distrust. Instead, they're powered by genuinely enjoying one another and celebrating each other's successes at every opportunity. "We genuinely like each other," forward Matt Barnes said Tuesday. "You don't really see that too often." Barnes estimated that the average locker room is split 50-50 with guys who do and don't like one another. The Clippers, though, have operated fairly drama-free because of their relationships with one another. "We trust each other, and I think that's the biggest thing in any relationship," guard Willie Green said. "We trust each other and we communicate. We don't have a problem doing that." The Clippers also don't have a problem getting together off the court. The team regularly goes to dinner together, attends parties or ever gets together for trips to the beach. Barnes said that when someone hosts an event of any kind, at least ninety percent of the team shows up. And it's not because they have to. "We actually want to hang out with each other," DeAndre Jordan said. "It's not mandatory." There's no question that the Clippers' winning has helped, but other factors, like the team's preseason trip to China and a few brief losing streaks have made the relationships stronger, Green said. "I think the key is that we learn each other's personalities and what makes everyone tick," Green said. "It's easy to go out on the floor and know what my teammate is already thinking and vice versa." While the team is full with talent, egos, and experience, the Clippers have been able to unite for a common cause. "Our mission and our goal is trying to win a championship," Green said. - See more at: