Well... that was quite an emotional roller coaster. I'm gonna spend about one paragraph on the first half and then pretend like it never happened for the rest of time. The Clippers sucked. I mean, the starters were decent in their first stint, taking a 22-17 lead in the first 8 minutes or so. Then from the time Reggie Bullock checked in with about 4 minutes left in the quarter to the end of his 8 minute stint that stretched into the second, he and his fellow bench players managed to go -18. That's devastating to a team. How can you afford to rest your starters if your bench is going to turn a 5 point lead into a 13 point deficit in 8 minutes? Not to mention that Jamal Crawford was also pathetic offensively and defensively in the first half. Normally I time my food runs for the commercials, but during that stretch I waited until the break was over to go out to the kitchen. I didn't want to see the bloodshed. And that's all that needs to be said about that. But all of a sudden in the second half, just when things were looking bleak with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul both getting their fourth fouls, the Clippers went on a run. I'm pretty sure it was 18-0 before some subs came in and started hemorrhaging points again. Even then, however, the Clippers were able to score to avoid yielding the lead back to the Rockets.