The NBA playoffs are far from over, and the destiny of the Los Angeles Clippers remains a mystery — but that hasn’t stopped analysts from posing ‘what if’ scenarios should the Clips have yet another early postseason exit. The Clippers have become almost synonymous with early playoff exits, and after adding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George two seasons ago, they have yet to capture that ever-elusive championship.

After coming from behind to win their first-round series against the Dallas Mavericks in seven games, the Clips are currently tied 2-2 in the semis with the No. 1 seed in the Western Conference, the Utah Jazz. A lot can happen in a week much less a month, but should the Clippers fail to get rings this year, some think they’ll be looking to add a third big name to assist Leonard and George. One name that keeps coming up? Spurs veteran DeMar DeRozan.

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In his June 15 column for Bleacher Report, Greg Swartz compiled a list of top dark-horse trade candidates, and he thinks the Clips would be the prefect destination for a sign-and-trade: