The most talked about basketball rumor this weekend had nothing at all to do with the NBA Finals or LeBron James. Rather, all eyes and ears were focused on Boston and Los Angeles as rumors swirled about a trade that would send Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Clippers for a handful of assets. But as far fetched as the rumor sounds, it’s beginning to look like the root of the rumor is crumbling away as well. Per the Los Angeles Times, the Clippers appear ready to move on from the possibility of landing Rivers and will ramp up their attempts to hire either Brian Shaw or Lionel Hollins. The rumors never really held water, yet they managed to cause a stir with people needing some sort of basketball entertainment while the Finals went on another one of it’s breaks between games. It was a cute idea and may still be slightly possible, it’s looking like the Clippers are settling down from the notion of getting a name like Rivers and have come back to reality.