This game was played with a very nonchalant style from the beginning. After the Clippers got out to a 13-0 start, it became clear that they were going to win this one big, and the rest of the game played out as somewhat of a final runthrough for the starters, a chance for them to get a nice run in before the post-season begins. The Nuggets suddenly started caring about the game in the third quarter and cut the lead to single digits for a little bit, but the Clippers were able to finish it out without much trouble despite abbreviated nights for Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. The Nuggets were the perfect opponent for the Clippers on this night. Though they recently played a very physical and emotional game against the Warriors and have been more competitive over the past couple of weeks, they didn't take much exception when the Clippers started getting easy basket after easy basket against them. They provided minimal resistance until late in the game and gladly accepted Los Angeles' invitation to play at a fluid and fast pace. It wasn't much of a competition but it was somewhat entertaining because of how well the Clippers perform when they get up and down the floor. This game had some importance for the Clippers in that they need every opportunity they can to work J.J. Redick and Jamal Crawford back into game shape after they missed time with injuries. This was Redick's best game since returning, making four of his six three point attempts on his way to 18 points. He flowed into open spots and did a more admirable job defensively in this one and he didn't seem to bothered by the pace, which is a good sign for his conditioning. Crawford is still out of sync and it wouldn't surprise me if tomorrow night's game against the Blazers was dedicated to getting Crawford a bunch of scoring chances to see if he find his rhythm. He was just 3-of-9 from the floor and had four turnovers in his 31 minute tonight. Just about the only other possible takeaway from this game has to do with the unit Doc Rivers decided to close the game with. With Paul and Griffin both getting to sit out the entire final period, the second unit got some nice playing time together.