In retrospect, Ray Allen's brief free agent courtship with the Clippers was an afterthought, an off-Broadway event compared to his negotiations with Miami and the Celtics [team stats]. The Clippers ultimately offered their full mid-level exception ($5.6 million) to Jamal Crawford before Allen had a chance to fly to Los Angeles following his interview with Heat president Pat Riley. But the Miami guard claims he would have taken the Clippers seriously, if they had given him a chance. "I believe they thought I was using them as leverage," Allen said. "But I spoke with (coach) Vinny (Del Negro) and their people before I came down (to Miami). I said we'll set up a trip. I told them I'm flying to Miami first, and then I'm going to spend two days in LA. "I talked with Vinny about it and I said right now I'm a free agent. If Boston is not coming to the table for me, I have to entertain every possible scenario. I wasn't flying from here all the way to LA just to hang out. As a free agent, I've never gone anywhere just to visit." Bass on glass Count forward Brandon Bass, with 15 points and 11 rebounds, including six on the offensive glass, as one of the few Celtics who got it right Tuesday night. "Brandon was terrific," said C's coach Doc Rivers. "Brandon played really nice basketball. He has to improve defensively in his talking, but he was great. He had a great game. Hell, he should have played 40 minutes." It all started for Bass with his offseason vow to become a better rebounder. Though Kevin Garnett was able to control the defensive glass, where 11 of the Celtics center's 12 rebounds came from, Bass was remarkably active at both ends of the floor. But now he needs to continue the attack.