The teacher and the student still are in the classroom this late in the season, the lessons of how best to play this game of basketball being taught. Whether it's during a game or at practice or riding the team bus or flying on the Clippers' chartered jet, sage veteran Chauncey Billups has bestowed his wisdom upon young DeAndre Jordan. Jordan, 24, and Billups, 36, have developed a bond that has benefited the center and the Clippers. "I look at him a lot," Jordan said. "No disrespect to our coaches, but I'm looking at him and he's like, 'Get over there' if I mess up. He'll tell you. He doesn't care if you get mad at him. But at the end of the day, I know he's telling me the right thing." There are nights such as Saturday night at Memphis when one can see Jordan has gotten Billups' message. Jordan had a double-double with 16 points and 12 rebounds, four on offensive. He had three blocked shots, a key one late in the Clippers' victory over the Grizzlies. Jordan was so active that he played 36 minutes, the most he has played since Feb. 4, when he played 40 minutes at Washington. "I'm always telling him what I see and what's going on during the game," Billups said. "Not only that, but what I need him to do. If I see him make a mistake on a play, I tell him what happened." There were times during Saturday night's game in which Jordan would come off the court and seek out Billups, who missed his eighth consecutive game with a strained right hamstring.