The Los Angeles Clippers are trying to make the leap from a very good team to a title contending team that is a serious threat to everybody around the league. They've already nabbed Doc Rivers as their new coach to replace Vinny Del Negro, so that's a significant upgrade. To continue upgrading they may need to move one of their young players to bring in other assets or veterans to make the roster better. According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports, the Los Angeles Clippers and Portland Trail Blazers spoke about DeAndre Jordan before the Doc Rivers' hiring process started. The Clippers acquired coach Rivers from the Boston Celtics for an unprotected 2015 first round pick this past week. Will they now be able to turn their attention toward possibly moving Jordan for other pieces? Since we don't know how far the discussion with the Blazers went or the level of interest from Portland's side of it was, the discussion becomes figuring out why the Clippers would want to move their center. He and Blake Griffin have a great friendship and are very close. They're also a combination of size and athleticism that not many teams can deal with in terms of defending the rim when both players are in the game.