The odds were stacked against the Lions re-signing free agent defensive end Cliff Avril last offseason when they couldn't agree to terms on a long-term deal. Hearing Avril talk on the subject during the NBC Sports Network's "Pro Football Talk" program Wednesday, those odds haven't improved. "Your guess is as good as mine," Avril said when asked what percent chance was there of him re-signing with the Lions. "I guess it's 50-50. I don't know right now. We're waiting to see what's going to go down. There's a little less than a month to figure some things out. I hope we get it done." Avril played for the $10.6 million franchise tender last season. He, presumably, will be looking for a multi-year contract that averages no lower than that per season. If a $40 million over four-year deal was too rich for the Lions' taste last offseason, a $50 million or $60 million deal isn't likely to taste any better. And Avril didn't seem to be in a mood to offer the Lions a hometown discount. "I don't know, it depends on the situation," Avril said. "Obviously it depends on why I would be taking less money. I don't know. We've just got to get the numbers going and we'll see. I really don't know if I'd take less right now." Avril was asked to rate what he's looking for from perspective teams in terms of gold, silver and bronze. His primary (gold) incentive, naturally, was money. "Let's be real, you only hit free agency once in your career, so you definitely want to try and get some money," he said. "No doubt, that would be a big part of it. Also, being somewhere and just wanting to be settled in for the next four or five years — that would be the silver. From The Detroit News: