By this point, we all know that the Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled defensively. You don’t have to be a basketball savant or an analytics whiz to notice that the Cavs have problems keeping their opponent from scoring. It is the main reason why the team is sitting at a rather disappointing 5-6 record early this season. Cleveland is third-to-last in the NBA in points allowed per game at 113.9, and while that’s bad, the advanced stats paint an even more dire picture. The highly useful stats site Basketball-Reference uses a formula created by Dean Oliver to calculate offensive and defensive rating. The good news for Cleveland is the team’s offensive rating is very good at 111.1, which is good for third in the league right now and is on pace to be the sixth-best mark in team history. The bad news? Well, it turns out the team’s defensive rating of 115.2 isn’t only the worst defensive rating in the NBA right now, it is on pace to be the worst in league history.