The Red Sox and Cardinals will play Game 2 of the World Series on Thursday night. It is the second installment of the culmination of an entire season and most people who make their living in the game will watch for at least a while. But the business of the game never stops which brings us to Ubaldo Jimenez and the Indians. The situation about to unfold follows a fairly logical path. • The Indians will pick up his $8 million club option for 2014 after the completion of the World Series. After the way he pitched in the second half especially in September the decision was made for them. • Jimenez and his agents will decline the option at about the same time which is their right under the terms of the contract the Indians inherited from the Rockies when the acquired him in July of 2011. • When Jimenez’s representatives turn the option down it will save the Indians $1 million which was ticketed for Jimenez’s buyout. • The language in the contract isn’t clear as to when Jimenez must decline the option. Whether that leads to any legal maneuvering by the Indians or Jimenez’s agents has yet to be determined but in the end it’s expected that he will be declared a free agent. • There is no chance that the Indians offer Jimenez a multiyear deal. All thoughts of that were washed away when the Giants signed Tim Lincecum earlier this week to a two-year $35 million deal. Jimenez and Lincecum each 29 would have entered this winter’s free agent class together if the Giants didn’t sign their veteran right-hander.