Manager Terry Francona's meetings with Jason Kipnis and Jose Ramirez on Sunday were direct. Here was the main theme of Francona's meeting with Kipnis: "I said go out and be a second baseman." He carbon copied the message to Ramirez: "I told him, 'Hey, the idea is you're probably playing third.' " OK, so that takes care of a winter of conjecture about infield position changes for the Indians. Then again, nothing is that cut and dried. The regular season is still more than a month away. The path well traveled can always be altered. "I told Kip what I don't want to do is ask something that's unfair," said Francona. "I said let's do this together. I said go out and be a second baseman. I said if something comes up we'll sit down and figure this out together." Jose RamirezManager Terry Francona told Jose Ramirez to prepare to start the season at third base this year for the Indians.Rick Osentoski, Associated Press Something such as left fielder Michael Brantley not being able to open the season because of the right ankle surgery he underwent after the postseason last year. Kipnis, like most people, would probably like some stability in his life.