The surest sign that the Cavaliers have turned a corner in the rebuilding process is not that they are winning games, as they did again Friday night in triumphing 119-108 over the Orlando Magic at The Q. No, the greatest clue is that the win is no longer enough. Not even when the Cavaliers sent Orlando to its 12th consecutive loss, not even when they stuck to what is becoming a fairly standard victory formula of keeping the game close, allowing what is now a strong second unit to build a cushion, then leaving the fourth quarter to Kyrie Irving. No longer content with mere victories, the Cavaliers shrugged off their third win a row, their sixth win in the past eight games as they improved to 16-34. "My bad," Cavaliers coach Byron Scott said. "I'm probably supposed to be real thrilled. But my expectations of us as a team are a little bit higher than 11-11 in the last 22 games. Don't get me wrong, we're headed in the right direction."