Week 13 is arguably the most annoying, agonizing, stressful and frustrating week of the NFL season and has nothing to do with the NFL schedule. The grief is spawned from fantasy football as this is the last week in the regular season for standard fake football leagues. In real football nothing much changed after the results of yesterdays game, if your team lost and now your on the outside looking in at the playoffs, you weren’t in great shape anyway. And if your team won, don't worry, there’s plenty of time left in the season for them to screw that up.

In the world of fake football, this was the last week for the fringe teams to salvage their season, last chance to come to prove the doubters wrong and sneak into the randomness that is the fantasy football playoffs - show your friends that you did know what you were doing when you drafted your team and that it would all come together by the playoffs. For those that lost, at least your suffering is over and you can go back to enjoying football again. For everyone else, good luck.

The big winners on the field Sunday were the Dallas Cowboys. With their win Thursday and Washington's loss, Dallas became the first team to clinch a playoff berth. On the morbid side for the Cowboys, arguably their biggest threat in the NFC, Seattle, lost one of their most important players for the season. Add that to Gronk being placed on IR and two of the Cowboys biggest threats have suffered irreplaceable personnel loses late in the season.

Elsewhere in the NFC, Tampa Bay is making a run at the playoffs. While I’m not suggesting that the Bucs are actual Super Bowl threats, the combo of Jamies Winston and Mike Evans is young and dangerous and their defense seems to have developed into a decent unit. Tampa has many problems, their second round pick kicker is murder on the blood pressure and they have a negative point differential for the season. Neither of which is a good sign, but the foundation looks a lot stronger than it did 8 weeks ago.

In the AFC, Tom Brady became the most-winning quarterback of all time. The Raiders continued to look like world beaters at points and colossal fraud’s at others. The Ravens are teasing people into thinking they can make a run, as they embarrassed the Dolphins who had been on a six-game winning streak. The Chiefs continue to win, in ways that are head scratching that need to be seen to believed/understood.

Here are a collection of highlights and lowlights from Week 13.

The MVP of the day was Chiefs safety Eric Berry, who dominated Matt Ryan:

The Chiefs were finding creative ways to score all day:


Tyler Lockett started the second half in style during Sunday Night Football:

Amari Cooper went go go gadget arms to score the Raiders go-ahead touchdown:

Snow in Lambeau lead to some poor field conditions, which meant fun touchdowns/celebrations:

Jameis Winston recklessly threw into triple coverage and somehow it worked:

Matthew Stafford got crushed but thanks to Golden Tate things worked out Ok:

And that was the second most impressive catch of the day for Tate:

Former teammate Nick Fairley doesn't seem to be a Stafford fan and smacked him in the face mask for an unknown reason:


Lions Twitter had their A-game ready yesterday:

Speaking of face masks, Trumaine Johnson got away with a vicious rip on LeGarrette Blount’s:


It kinda makes sense after seeing this 4th down run:

Blake Bortles did something good Sunday:


Things didn't go well for the 49ers yesterday:

Calais Campbell almost pulled off the no look interception:


Marquette King is becoming the most popular punter in NFL history:


This led to King breaking into a celebration:


Which turned into a penalty, with a little help from a snitch:

Jeff Fisher continued to show why the internet believes he is one of the greatest football coaches of all-time:

In a season of shameful kicking, we might have reached a new low:

Cam Newton was benched the opening series of SNF for not wearing a tie, and the internet had some strong opinions on the matter. Especially after this happened:

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