Cleveland, you’re on the clock.

It’s your turn to make a statement.

It’s your time to make a difference.

Drop the nickname from your Major League Baseball team, and do it before another fan ever sits in your ballpark again.

Come on, you can be better than Washington owner Dan Snyder, who finally agreed Monday to change the nickname of his NFL team.

Snyder, of course, refused to even contemplate a name change until FedEx threatened to take the name off the team’s Landover, Md., stadium. Corporate sponsors like Pepsi and Nike and Bank of America also joined the cause.

How about making change for what is right instead of being pressured by money?

Do we really have to wait until Progressive Corp., the auto insurance giant, threatens to remove its stadium naming rights sponsorship, worth about $3.6 million a year, for Cleveland owner Paul Dolan and his family to react?

It took Major League Baseball’s clout to force Dolan to rid itself of the racist Chief Wahoo caricature from their uniforms two years ago before hosting an All-Star Game.