Dabo Swinney and Steve Spurrier have been trading not-so-subtle barbs for the better part of three seasons now, and in the field of through-the-media sparring, Swinney has given about as good as he's got. The problem for Clemson 's coach has been in the field -- or rather, on the field -- of actual football, where after last December's defeat, Swinney's team has lost five straight to Spurrier's. That no doubt makes the job of talking smack dramatically more difficult, and so maybe it's no surprise the, uh, excitable Swinney has resorted to a time-honored motivational tactic. As for what the clocks look like, photos have bubbled up from the Internet -- and they show not only the usual digital countdown to game (despite the fact it doesn't have a kickoff time yet), but the "0-5" record the Tigers have amassed against South Carolina the last five seasons.