Clay Matthews was in no mood to talk about his late hit Jim Harbaugh or if he was fined by the league. The day after Green Bay's loss at San Francisco the 49ers coach didn't hold back in his criticism of Matthews. Harbaugh essentially labeled Matthews a dirty player. To which Matthews mostly shrugged. "No I don't have any reaction" Matthews said. "I'm onto the next game." Matthews then acknowledged he did see Harbaugh's comments repeated that he wanted to talk about the next game yelling "Next game!" Then quietly smiling the Packers outside linebacker only had one thing to say. "I'm an awesome player. I'm not a dirty player" he said. Matthews wouldn't say if he was fined for his late hit of San Francisco's Colin Kaepernick well out of bounds the hit that led to a heated scrum on the sideline. In four-plus years Matthews has only been fined for wearing the wrong-colored shoes ($5000) and a facemask penalty of Jay Cutler ($5000) both in 2010. "I think my resume's pretty good right now" Matthews said. "I think we're doing alright." And that was that.