Clay Buchholz reacted with little more than amusement yesterday to charges that he was doctoring the baseball in Wednesday’s victory over the Blue Jays. During that game, Toronto media personality and former big league reliever Dirk Hayhurst noted on Twitter that Buchholz appeared to have his left arm slicked with a foreign substance that he swiped frequently. He also believed Buchholz had something in his hair. Analyst Jack Morris then really stoked the flames last night by not only agreeing during the broadcast, but accusing Sox reliever Junichi Tazawa of the same behavior in the seventh inning. “If comments are going to be made because pitchers pitch well,” noted Sox manager John Farrell, “then we’ll take it as a compliment.” Buchholz said the substance on his arm was rosin, and the one in his hair was water. Both are legal. “Before every start, I come out here, pack rosin on my arm,” Buchholz said. “In between innings, they were saying something’s in my hair. It’s a bottle of water I pour on my head each inning. The water is basically, they don’t want you licking your fingers on the mound, so that’s just the way to have moisture on your hands. I wipe it off after every time I touch my hair, wipe my hand off.”