The Owners’ Assembly corresponding to the month of May is set to take place this coming Wednesday, where important topics are usually discussed and, in some cases, surprising and unexplainable decisions are made as well. Last month was no exception. In April’s assembly, the incredible decision to dissolve Ascenso MX along with the promotion/relegation system was made as everyone’s attention was on the COVID-19 outbreak.

For this month’s meeting we don’t expect as big a surprise, although you never know what you can get when it comes to the Liga MX teams’ owners. The question that is on the table for Wednesday is the status of the current season which has yet to be completed. As it is known, the season was put on hold back in mid-March due to the COVID situation and has remained so ever since. But this “paused” status could change drastically in a couple of days.

As we stand today, two main options emerge as to what the future may hold for the Clausura 2020. The first option, and in my view the less likely, is the total cancellation of the season. In other words, no more regular season games or playoff games, meaning the season ends where it is today with a vacated title.