Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard brought it up and it’s a brilliant idea that deserves more conversation. The Cleveland Cavaliers should make a run at Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jose Calderon. Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard tweeted earlier about the possibility of the Cleveland Cavaliers signing point guard Jose Calderon if he was waived by the Los Angeles Lakers. Calderon would be a terrific acquisition for the Cavs. However, I don’t think the Cavs should wait for him to be bought out from his contract or waived. Jose Calderon is a 35-year-old veteran who came to the NBA at 24-years-old and worked his way into the Toronto Raptors starting lineup by his third year in the NBA. Known for his abilities as a passer, spot-up shooter, European flair and fiery game on the court, Calderon was certainly a known commodity throughout the NBA in his prime. So, perhaps unsurprisingly, Calderon has been a starter in the league every year since. That is, until this season.