Claude Julien’s delay in getting to his morning news conference nearly resulted in the Bruins’ coach and Rangers’ counterpart John Tortorella walking into the media room at the same time. Julien went first and was asked about his relationship with Tortorella, originally from the Boston area. Julien said he "respects" Tortorella and has had good chats with him in the past, though he has no plans to talk to him during the series. Then, a member of the Boston media asked Julien for advice in asking the often surly Tortorella questions. "Well, he wanted to come in here before me so I don’t know what to tell you," Julien said. "I’m sure he’s excited about answering your questions. He always is. Good luck, guys." Meanwhile, Tortorella was asked about coming back to Boston. "Don’t ask me questions about me, ask me about the team, please," Tortorella said.