Canadiens goaltender Carey Price hit the wall yesterday. Literally. Walked straight through a black curtain in his team's extended dressing room in the Saddledome and directly into the cinderblock wall behind it. Price bounced off it harmlessly enough, but the mishap did give him reason to smile as he waded out into the crush of media after the Canadiens' practice. The 23-year-old netminder will hope to play like a wall tomorrow evening when his team takes on the Calgary Flames in the outdoor Heritage Classic at McMahon Stadium (6 p.m., CBC, RDS, CJAD Radio-800). This city's famously capricious weather might have a pleasant surprise or an angry cold slap in store for these teams, with the forecast changing every time you look it up. As of dinnertime last night, depending on your source, tomorrow's daytime high was in the range of minus-9 to minus-15 Celsius, with a good, teeth-chattering breeze.