C.J. Wilson may be gone, but he apparently doesn't want to be forgotten. On the Dan Patrick radio show this week, Wilson said the Rangers "wasted his time" during free agency before he ended up signing with the Los Angeles Angels. Wilson signed a five-year, $87 million deal with Los Angeles. He had been seeking a deal of six years and more than $100 million. "They are entitled to do whatever they want," Wilson told Patrick. "It's their money. I just ... the only thing I was to get upset about was that they kept saying, 'Oh hey, we are going to make an offer. We are going to come at you or whatever and they didn't.' "It kind of wasted my time, which I feel like especially in the off-season my time is invaluable because the longer the off-season the more fun things I can do. "If I was able to make a decision in early November, then that would have been a lot easier for me. They dragged it out a month making me think they were going to make an offer, but the fact that they didn't is no big deal."