Former Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson has played his entire pro career in Texas' organization. So now that he's in the Angels' rotation after signing with Los Angeles on Thursday, he must consider taking on his old teammates. On the Ben and Skin Show on KESN-FM 103.3 on Friday, Wilson was asked who in Texas' lineup may be the toughest for him to face. "I think probably Kinsler and Mike Young, because I've never faced them before." Wilson said. "I've pitched against Adrian. I've pitched against Josh. I've pitched against Napoli, so at least I have some sort of history there. Going up against Kinsler I don't really know, and he starts off the game. So, I have to get off to a good start and there's pressure in a lineup like that." Wilson acknowledges that facing an offense as potent as Texas' can be tough, but its worth it.