Angels left-hander C.J. Wilson who has never been shy about not taking responsibility for his poor starts blamed his wild third inning on a batch of baseballs that hadn't been properly rubbed down. He went so far as to suggest that it might not have been by mistake that he had to use those balls. Here's a transcript of his postgame remarks courtesy of the Orange County Register. "One out of every four was rubbed and three of every four was basically brand new. The balls were kind of squirting around. A couple balls got away. If you’re a lefty and you hit a lefty with a slider that’s obviously not what you are trying to do right there." Are you going to call it a coincidence? It’s not a coincidence. Let’s be honest. You just make adjustments and try to figure out what pitches are going to work and what pitches aren’t going to work. After the first three innings I settled down a little bit and had better command of the four-seamer and changeup and two-seamer. You can’t throw awesome sliders because you are sweating too much and nothing is working. After the third inning I just pitched with my fastball which oddly enough was better.