The Giants like to stay quiet during the pre-draft process, opting not to tip their hand when it comes to the No. 12 overall pick (or the pick they trade down to). But Alabama linebacker C.J. Mosley came away with a pretty clear idea of how Jerry Reese views him: A quality player who would start "day one" at linebacker. "They told me they were interested," Mosley said this afternoon at a Play 60 event in Manhattan. "They pretty much said that if I get to them, they'd be looking for me to be on the field starting the first game. "So, I mean, they're pretty much saying that if I get drafted, they're not looking for me to sit on the bench. And I'm not looking to have that, either." Mosley, the 2013 Dick Butkus Award winner and 2012 consensus All-American, is viewed as the best pure linebacker prospect in the draft. Between his junior and senior seasons, he registered four sacks and 215 tackles.