Every week, special teams coordinator Darrin Simmons waits to see how challenging his task will be. He doesn’t necessarily learn it by researching the opponent. The more challenging area this season stems from hearing how the roster will shift. None proved more challenging than last week. Injuries up and down the roster trickled to a team of new pieces across the majority of positions on all special teams groups. “One of the hardest ones I’ve ever gone through,” Simmons said. Par for the 2017 course. “We’ve been very disjointed this whole year in terms of the roster,” Simmons said. “You get good in the kicking game when guys know exactly what the guy next to him is going to do. When it is a different guy that’s next to him each week you don’t know exactly how that guy is going to react.” You also get penalties. Those crept up against the Bears, twice forcing drives to begin inside the 10-yard line and another giving 15 yards to the Bears offense. The penalty numbers for the year back up the disjointed hypothesis. The Bengals have already surpassed the special teams penalty yardage accepted from each of the previous three seasons with 19 penalties for 167 yards.