Bill Lazor has met with the media on two occasions at length since taking over the play-calling duties for the Cincinnati Bengals on Sept. 22, and each time he’s made sure to mention one of his pillars of offense is getting a running back in some kind of a groove. But when the “to do” list began with scoring a touchdown (and then a few more), getting Andy Dalton right and establishing an identity – well, something was going to have to be checked off a little later. “I don’t think you can change the offense overnight – there’s not a lot of opportunity there to fix all the problems,” left guard Clint Boling said. “Yeah, maybe you pick a couple things, and we did make some changes right away to start, so I think that’s been evident and that’s been better. Now hopefully we’ll get to the full picture as we go on.” The Bengals will enter Sunday’s game at Paul Brown Stadium as the league’s 23rd-ranked rushing offense and 28th in yards per attempt at 3.3 – a number inflated by three runs of 20 yards or more. Without those 68 yards, the Bengals’ yards per carry drops to a mere 2.7 yards per rush. That number would be tied for last in the league with Arizona.