William Jackson III came off the turf at Paul Brown Stadium early Thursday afternoon, cold weather gear covering up all but his eyes. He peeled the face warmers off, his gloves and then the blue surgical gloves underneath the gloves. December football like this is all new for the Houston native and second-year Cincinnati Bengals corner. Headed to lunch, his natural, languid gait has a small hitch. Days before the final game of his first, full NFL season, the 25-year-old corner is working through a toe injury suffered back in Week 10 and a knee that flared up after Sunday’s victory over Detroit. Jackson III has played 626, or 58.3 percent, of the Bengals’ defensive snaps this year. It is the fourth highest total in the secondary and third among corners. “It ends up being a lot of football,” Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis said. “A lot more than I think young guys ever anticipate. Early in the year, they try and figure out why they’re sharing snaps — it’s so you can get all of them through (the season). Then when it comes to, ‘You’re the guy,’ and then you’re spending a lot more time across the hall in that training room, because it does take a toll on your body.” Jackson III smiles. It’s the nature of the job and something you have to work through. And he’s been able to do that at a very high level as the season has worn on.