Bengals first-round pick John Ross played six snaps on Sunday against Tennessee. That runs his total for the season up to 17. One of those plays stuck in the mind of Marvin Lewis when he was asked about Ross’ progress during Wednesday’s press conference. He didn’t hold back in calling the 21-year-old out. “John had a play last week we weren’t very thrilled with,” Lewis began. The play in question came on third-and-5 early in the second quarter. Ross ended up one-on-one running deep down the sideline and slowed down running when he thought Dalton wasn’t going to throw him the ball. Dalton did and it fell incomplete. “It’s like you being a kid and you go the whole year being good and you mess up that one time and now you get nothing for Christmas,” he said. Lewis embraced the role of Grinch in the presser as he went deeper into Ross’ progress and the rookie not running the full play on Sunday because he didn’t think the ball would come to him in that coverage.