Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano didn’t mean it in a bad way when he said that the Cleveland Browns have a “Daffy Duck” style of offense, merely referring to the type of looks they throw at defenses. “They do a lot with personnel, formation shifts, motions, gadgets, spread you out, getting what we call a Daffy Duck — the old Steve Spurrier formation, read zone with the quarterback,” said Pagano, according to Mike Wells of ESPN. “[DeShone Kizer] has a run-pass option. He can hand it. He can pull it. Got to be very, very disciplined this week. The key on defense this week is discipline.” Even if the Browns throw defenses some different looks, their offense isn’t exactly fearsome, with Cleveland ranking 18th in the league in total offense and 25th in points per game. Still, Pagano is making sure to pay the Browns respect, and with the Colts getting off to an 0-2 start themselves, the team has no room to look past anyone.