When National League MVP candidate Christian Yelich slumped in the batter's box clutching his kneecap, the obituary for the Milwaukee Brewers' championship run seemed to write itself.

Yelich's value to the Brewers cannot be understated. The centerpiece of Milwaukee's batting lineup, Yelich leads the majors in slugging percentage at .671, and Win Probability Added at 7.1. This means that if he were removed from the lineup for the season, the Brewers would have 7.1 wins fewer. And now? The Brewers, one game back of the second Wild Card spot when the injury occurred, are devoid of his services for the remainder of the season. Better luck next year.

Or so everyone thought. As the Marlins, Cardinals, and Padres have learned this week, the Milwaukee Brewers are much more than Christian Yelich. In fact, the Brewers are 7-2 since Yelich went down.

In Yelich's place, others have stepped up. Center fielder Lonrenzo Cain has led the charge. Coming into the week, he'd only hit eight home runs all season.