hristian Ponder’s relationship with the man upstairs was often tested on Sundays. Speaking at the Liberty University Convocation with wife and the host of ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown,” Sam Ponder, the NFL quarterback revealed he sought a higher power to prepare for game days. “With my faith going into the NFL, I honestly would think if I pray and get into the bible I’m gonna play well on Sunday,” the former Minnesota Viking explained. “I was using God for myself, like that’s how it works. “And what I realized was my faith was so up and down with how I played, because when I played well I was like, ‘God’s awesome.’ When I didn’t play well it was almost like I blamed him for not playing well. And, obviously, that’s not how that relationship works at all. So when I met Sam, who is obviously a strong believer, he led me closer to Him.” Ponder, 29, added his faith with God strengthened upon meeting his spouse of nearly five years.